Why your business needs video/photour

Lets be honest, we are all judgemental as much as we try to deny it. We judge how people are based of what they wear, or what they look like or how many followers they have. This is not a bad thing, we need to judge things to determine their quality

Just like people, your business is judged daily. People will judge the quality of your business based off your website, social media and the person running the business: YOU. If you have a professional website with professional high quality photos/videos etc. then you are able to immediately establish trust and social proof within your business.

Bad website example: seems unprofessional, unorganised ---> potential customer loses trust in the reliability of the business and it's products/services

Good website example: Clean, professional, easy to navigate

--> build social proof and trust in customers within a few


The exact same concept applies to your videos/photos on your website. If your website has professional photos and videos then people will have trust; that if you put effort into your photos/videos then most likely you put effort into everything else that is done. 

Poor quality photo/video: immediately looks unprofessional

and poor quality --> a reflection of the business

High quality photo/video: establishes that the business is professional --> builds social proof

Ultimately photo/video will allow you to convey your message in a professional and more engaging way that a long list of words won't be able to.

Video/Photo may be an investment your business needs

  • Video builds trust. Trust between the customer and your business allows sales/conversions to happen. By establishing trust through a site page video, sales will skyrocket.


  • Video appeals to mobile users. The majority of online content that is viewed is now in the form of video on mobile phones.



  • Video can be converted into images and audio to reuse  for other content marketing


  • Video helps simplify ideas and saves time. People would rather watch a 30 second video than read an entire blog post


  • The quality of your video says a lot about you as a brand. If you use blurry, shaky phone video it shows that you don’t take your marketing seriously for even basic things like a video. Think about big, successful companies; Nike, Adidas etc. they all use professionally filmed videos


  • Video can explain and communicate information more quickly and effectively in an engaging way (which is important for younger audiences who have shorter attention spans)


  • Video can engage emotional needs. Customers buy based off emotion and value rather than logic. Think back to your most recent purchase and how it fulfilled an emotional need