• Martin Zhong

Why video/photo provides proof for your business.

You can write the best copy for your website/social media.

You can have the nicest website design. But your customers won't make a decision to buy if there is no trust. This is why it's important to have testimonials, reviews to establish trust. More importantly it is important to actually have a product/service that is actually valuable -----> that way you can actually generate good reviews, testimonials! Herein lies the power of videos/photos for your business. Now I wouldn't say ALL businesses need video/photo - because many products and services don't need to be seen to establish trust.

But in the world of marketing - seeing is believing. If you are selling a service - having a face to your business, showing your work, how you work, the results you have achieved with clients plays a tremendous role for business success. But in our digitally advanced times, video and photo is essential - no one can believe your business exists and can see the value in the business if they can't even see it. Thanks for reading Martin

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