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How to reach 96% of your market

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

In your market there is roughly 4% ready to buy your services.

These are the ones who heavily invested in your services whether it be chiropractic, physiotherapy, naturopathy etc.

The market is very competitive for these 4% because they are willing to pay and are very interested.

These are likely the clients that are most unhappy with their health issues, most desperate and in need of help. They are usually in the most severe state and need help the most.

Chiropractic Example:

Someone with a bit of neck soreness may be curious about chiropractic work. They will fall in the 96%

But someone with a severe neck pain and posture issues who has been considering going to a chiropractor - would fall into the hot 4% of the market.

So what about the other 96%?

What's the point of marketing to them if they don't really see the need for the service?

These are the ones that need education and guidance - otherwise they may face more severe issues further down the line.

Functional medicine Example:

Someone experiencing a bit of acne and constipation may think nothing of it and may decide to do a search on Google or YouTube (the two biggest search engines). They may search "how to get rid of acne" "how to treat constipation". They may be looking for the quick remedies and fixes without actually treating the root causes which may be linked to digestion, stress, exercise, hormonal imbalances etc. Hence why they need your expertise.

As they aren't directly looking to buy they are not searching "Sydney Functional Medicine" "Naturopath near me". They aren't looking to treat the root cause because they don't know about it. They don't have functional medicine expertise.

That's why they need YOU and they don't even know it!

The goal of using SEO, blogging, YouTube is to build a relationship and trust with the audience - by educating them and giving them helpful and useful information. To make them understand why they need your services.

The strategies used to capture 96% of customers will take longer to see the results but they are effective not just for 96% but for 100% of the market! These strategies will set you aside from the competition and provide a Tom & Jerry cheese trail of content which will help you generate a strong brand reputation, loyal client base and more high quality clients who are willing to pay more.

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