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Clients can't SEE your value

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

For most businesses, whether you are small or large; it is hard for clients to SEE your value. Clients can't accurately judge your expertise and how good you are as a company.

For example if you are a trade company; it is hard for another company to judge how good you are as a trade company.


Because they aren't trade professionals. A physiotherapist with an electrical issue doesn't know anything about electricity. A school teacher with plumbing issues doesn't know anything about plumbing, pipes, water pressure etc.

So it's difficult for clients to accurately decide whether they can trust you. Most of clients decisions are based on their PERCEPTION of your company.

So it is important for you to build your brand - as knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional. It is your job to build that trust and relationship with the client. There are basic ways to do this - have a well designed functioning website, certifications/ qualifications, have 5 star reviews on Google My Business etc.

One of the best ways to do so are testimonials, reviews, blogs and videos.

Detailed proof that you have solved an issue similar in the past is a HUGE trust factor. Google reviews, photo/video testimonials, photo/video case studies are great for building trust.

Another way is blogging, social media posts, YouTube videos. Why?

Blogging & social media

Consistent valuable information is a great opportunity to provide a little teaser of the treasure chest of information and expertise of your subject. By blogging and posting on social media, you can inform potential customers and demonstrate expertise.

Video Why video? First of all clients and interested viewers can SEE you. People automatically make first impressions when they see a company and the people of that company. If clients can see and hear you - they will automatically gain more trust in your company. Many businesses don't show their staff and their work culture - so they look like another faceless corporation. Imagine you are on Tinder or some other dating app and you come across a profile with no profile picture. Would you trust that profile? It's very much the same thing with your business.

Another benefit to actually showing yourself is it shows potential clients that you are passionate and dedicated to your role (which you should be). This is another huge benefit to setting yourself apart from other companies.

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