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Blogs vs Video: Which is better for you?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Which is better? Well it depends on the business and the services or products that they're selling! There are some situations where blogs are more effective compared to business.

Firstly, videos are highly effective for SEO. YouTube is owned by Google and the 2nd largest search engine. The only issue is that YouTube can be a very distracting environment - while it's true that many are searching for something on YouTube, a lot of the time it is an entertainment platform e.g. Logan Paul, kids shows and of course cat videos!

Compared to blogs, where search results directly appear based on relevance and search intent on the SERPs, blogs are definitely more relevant.

However, that's not to say videos aren't useful either. Videos allow you as a business to demonstrate your expertise and build trust - as the audience can directly see and hear you; which blogs don't have the ability to do. Video provides that engagement factor; think about it; many people would rather watch a movie than read a book.

Another common issue is that often those with the knowledge to write the blog, don't have writing skills required to write an engaging blog, so the blog isn't as effective. At the same time, often those with expertise lack the confidence or speaking skills to appear on video!

The takeaway? Assess your strengths if you are someone with expertise in your field and are wanting to use either videos or blogs for SEO content - are you a good speaker who can clearly articulate? If so appear on video. Are you a great writer with insightful information that you'd love to give out through articles? Then blogs are probably the better option.

When it comes to social media, videos are the preferred option for many people - they can be engaging and versatile. Video content can be converted to audio, images for social media posts, or paid advertising. Videos are often used in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and YouTube ads.

The YouTube advantage. Many companies are on Facebook and Instagram - but videos on YouTube have a tremendous advantage because they can be used for Facebook and Instagram. Social media also happens to be a very visual platform with a typically younger audience. This is why video will probably suit better for social media.

Blogs can work well too but lack the versatility that videos do. The only disadvantage of creating videos for social media is that it can take more money and time to create.

This is a tough one. Compare the two:

An accounting website with a many excellent high quality articles, from an expert author OR an accounting company with an extensive amount of videos explaining topics to their consumers and answering their questions.

Which one is more trustworthy to you? Hard to say.

Many say that if they can't see something, they can't believe it. If you are in a business where being seen is crucial; then videos is the clear winner. For example if you are a restaurant - you need to have visual proof e.g. pictures of the actual restaurant, photos of the food, staff, customers etc. Restaurants even depend on food review vlogs and Instagram foodie reviews to market themselves!

In my opinion: both videos and blogs should be used in combination to boost SEO and build trust. However when it comes to social media; a very visual platform; video is the winner.

Thanks for reading

Martin Zhong

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