Marty Media: Use video marketing to bring in more clients.

- Educational videos

- Promotional videos

- Livestreaming and event recording

- Case study/ testimonial videos

- Animated explainer videos

Your brand is your first impression.


A brand that is perceived as higher quality and more trustworthy will receive more interested clients who are willing to pay more.

Build your company's brand with video.

Why us?

We do our research; because it doesn't matter

how high quality a video is if it is hitting the wrong


We make sure your video hits the right target

so that your company achieves the results 


We handle the whole process; planning, research

scripting, filming and editing.

We have an experienced and dedicated team of videographers and animators.

Can't I just use my phone to shoot a video?

Can't I just walk instead of drive?

You can. But having a professional team saves valuable time and is way more convenient. 

It will be like trying to learn how to drive for the first time vs just calling an Uber.

Too much valuable time to learn how to use a camera, mic, editing software, effects .....the list goes on.

As a business, your time is the most valuable asset. It would be better to prioritise what is more important and outsource the other stuff.

This would save you time and the headache of DIY.

Marty Media

Marty Media is a video marketing company located in Sydney, Australia.


We combine video production with marketing strategies and business knowledge.



Phone: 0426071846

11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

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